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The Benefits of Building Small

Building the perfect home doesn’t always mean building a big home.

With the rising cost of construction materials and ever increasing Hawaiian property values, building a home in Hawaii can feel financially impossible. But choosing to build a smaller home provides homeowners a unique opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of tropical living without the financial burden of constructing, furnishing, and maintaining a larger home.

While living in a smaller space may seem intimidating to homeowners accustomed to a higher square footage, the benefits of living small can easily outweigh the initial stressors of downsizing from a larger space. Concerned that a smaller home means sacrificing on good design and high-end amenities? Don’t worry, the recent small-home trend means every skilled architect is already experienced in the art of creating designs that make the most of limited space.

In fact, smaller homes often inspire better design that utilizes every square foot creatively and efficiently. You’ll be surprised how versatile a well-designed home can be, even without a formal dining room or supersized walk-in closet.  More importantly, money saved on building costs means you can focus your budget on innovative appliances or luxury aesthetic features to personalize your home.

As we’ve discussed before, smaller homes are more energy efficient, reducing the cost of utilities and helping protect the environment with smaller carbon footprints. Well-designed new construction takes advantage of the latest green technology while saving money and ensuring that the islands remain beautiful and protected for generations to come.

Living in Hawaii means daily access to some of the world’s best beaches and untouched natural scenery. Building a smaller home means funding your lifestyle, not just your home. After all, there’s less need for large living spaces when the beach is just a short distance away. Building a smaller home allows you to enjoy the innate luxury of living in a tropical paradise, regardless of the size of your master bath. If you’re ready to embrace the small home trend and build a home specifically customized to your needs, contact us today and we’ll get you started on finding the best professionals for your project.

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