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Building a New Home? Three Things Homeowners Wish They’d Done Differently

Building a new home involves careful planning and the ability to make several long-term choices in a relatively short amount of time. But with so many decisions regarding design, construction, and budget, it’s easy to get overwhelmed!

So before you build, take time to talk with people who’ve experienced the home-building process and ask them what they love about their new home and what they’d do differently next time. Until then, let us help! After years of experience working with new homeowners, contractors, interior designers, and architects, here’s what most homeowners wish they’d done differently while building their new home.

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  • Add the extra closet: If you are building a home that’s larger than your current residence, it’s easy to think that increasing square footage alone will give you enough space for all your stuff. But don’t forget to thing long-term and consider the needs of each individual living in the home. Do you need a designated space to store recreational gear? Do you have enough room to store extra bedding and bulk items? Most homeowners wish they had added the extra closet in the guest room or sacrificed a little more space in the master for a double walk-in closet.
  • Let there be (natural) light: Beware of design plans that include windowless rooms. You might think windows in a play or storage room are unnecessary, but years after finishing their home, many homeowners wish they’d spent more time ensuring the utilitarian spaces in their home were enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. After all, you don’t think you need a window in the laundry room until you’ve spent hours washing newborn clothing or your son’s soccer gear. Make sure each room in your home is somewhere you’ll enjoy spending time.
  • Save on bathrooms, spend on the kitchen: Do you really need (or want to clean) four full-sized bathrooms? Downsizing to a half-bath when convenient can save money and resources that are better spent on spaces that get used more often. Skip adding a jetting tub to the guest bathroom and use the money to design a high-end kitchen that will increase home value and add functionality to your home.

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