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November 2015

How do I get a catalog-worthy kitchen or bath?

Maybe you’ve discovered that it’s easy to identify which styles you don’t like, but can’t quite create the vision of the perfect kitchen or bath worthy of your time and investment. Instead of spending valuable resources trying to do everything yourself, let the Kitchen &  Bath Design Services feature at Home Planning Hawaii guide you through the process. We can pair you with the ideal architect/designer based on your individual Read More

The Color Catalogs: Blue

Ready to update your home but hesitant to commit to a single color palette? Painting or decorating with multiple shades of blue might be the answer. This multi-faceted shade can act as both a neutral and an accent color, giving you an endless array of options that can be updated easily and affordably. When used as a neutral, light or more muted shades of blue highlight brightly colored accessories and Read More