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April 2017

Why Build Green?

Everyone knows that “green” or sustainable building is good for the environment. But there are long-term benefits for new homeowners as well! As you work with architects and contractors to create your new home, remember that environmentally friendly construction not only protects the planet, it can help protect your budget, your health, and the longevity of your home. Ready to build a dream green home? Here are three advantages you Read More

From Wish-List to Reality: Design/Build vs. Design-Bid-Build

Building a home involves learning a new language, and interpreting all the terminology used by designers and contractors can feel daunting. Two phrases you should know right away? The difference between the most common construction methods used in residential building, Design/Build and Design-Bid-Build. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both options will help you go from hypothetical wish-list to stepping into a new home with minimal delay or additional costs. Read More

Instant Online Estimator

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