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August 2017

Reducing Home Construction Stress

Is it possible to build or remodel a home with little or no stress? Maybe. With unlimited time, resources, and professional help, building a home without ever feeling overwhelmed might be feasible. But since most people live and build in reality, focusing on reducing unnecessary stress during a major construction project is a great place to start. Here’s what you can do to prevent stress and enjoy the process of Read More

3 Simple Ways to Make your Home More Efficient

Any home designer or architect will tell you that a well-designed home should be both beautiful and functional. But we’d like to raise the bar a little higher and suggest that your new home should actively make your life easier. How? By increasing efficiency and saving you money. Want to make your new home “work” for you? Here’s three simple tips for increasing the productivity of your new home. Impact Read More

Green Infrastructure, Low Impact Development, and Hawaii’s New Water Quality Regulations

Hawaii’s newly adopted rules regarding water quality go into effect on August 16, 2017, representing a significant shift in how home owners, architects, and construction companies design and build new homes on the islands. The new mandates hope to minimize water pollution caused by erosion and poor water drainage systems, but will inevitably increase the cost of new construction. However, there are ways potential home builders can mitigate rising construction Read More