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April 2018

How to: Build Multigenerational Dream Home

According to recent population data, multigenerational living in Hawaii is on the rise— from grandparents moving in with their adult children, to young adults who “boomerang” back home after college while establishing their careers. Fortunately, there are many benefits to multigenerational living, including reduced housing costs and increased home values. If you’re considering remodeling your home to accommodate additional family members, we’ve got three tips guaranteed to help all parties Read More

Where to Spend your Money when Building a New House

Building a dream home that stays within your budget isn’t impossible, especially if you focus on elements that add monetary value to your home. While there are endless upgrades and options available for customizing your space, smart consumers will spend the majority of their budget on kitchens and baths, increasing the height of ceilings and windows, and installing high quality insulation and weather-proof windows to reduce energy costs. Here’s a Read More

Understanding Hawaii’s New “Monster Homes” Bill

Individuals hoping to build a new home in Honolulu’s residential zones may need to alter their construction plans in response to Bill 110, a land-use ordinance recently signed by Mayor Caldwell and considered effective as of March 13, 2018. Created in response to the increase of “monster homes” on Oahu, this bill places an immediate moratorium on the construction of all large dwellings in residential areas. While the long-term results Read More