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June 2018

Four Questions to Ask About that Fixer-Upper

Ready for a new-to-you home? We all know that a fixer-upper is sometimes just a dream home in disguise. But we also know that purchasing the wrong property can lead to nightmare levels of expensive stress. Wondering how you can tell if the older home in your neighborhood is a real-estate Cinderella story waiting to happen? Here’s four questions to ask before investing in a fixer-upper. *Is the price competitive? Read More

How to: Survive a Home Renovation

There’s few things more satisfying than a successful home remodel, but it’s also an intense endeavor that can overwhelm even seasoned renovators. From trying to live in a construction zone to making sure your dream home doesn’t become a budgeting nightmare, it’s important to start the renovation process with a lot of patience and an open mind. Fortunately, we have a few tips to help you survive remodeling your home Read More