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July 2018

Making a Master Bedroom Santuary

It’s easy to overlook the master bedroom when designing a new home, especially when communal living spaces (think kitchens and living rooms,) require lots of space and detail-oriented planning. But given how much time is spent in a master bedroom, it’s important to work with your architect or designer to create a sanctuary worth escaping to at the end of each day. Whether you’re working with personalized designs or building Read More

How to Spot a Lemon of a Fixer-Upper

Our last post covered the characteristics of a good fixer-upper: older homes that can be transformed into dream homes and potentially resold at a profit. But even if you find a competitively priced home in a great area, a home inspection can uncover structural issues extending far beyond cosmetic repairs—a “lemon,” or home with flaws that far outweigh the potential benefits of ownership. Structural issues put an enormous strain on Read More