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March 2019

Finding a Contractor: How to go from Good to Great

Do you know the difference between a good contractor and a great one? We’ve all heard horror stories about bad contractors—they miss project deadlines, don’t stick to the budget, or deliver sub-par work. But when you’re building your dream home, you want more than just a good contractor, you want a great one. Think you know the difference? Here’s the checklist that could take your project from finished to fantastic. Read More

Dream Homes with History: The Plantation Style

From thatched-roof palaces built by indigenous Hawaiians to Romanesque-style civic centers inspired by Medieval cathedrals, architecture on the islands is in a constant state of evolution. And when it comes to residential construction, there’s no limit to design possibilities that blend both tradition and innovation. If you’re looking to build a new home rooted in history but fully capable of embracing modernization, a Plantation-style design might be the perfect blend Read More

Making Your Home Multigenerational-Ready

Considering making your home a multigenerational living space? You’re not alone. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 11.6 % of Hawaiians share their home with more than two generations, and the Aloha State ranks No.1 in the country for intergenerational households. Why do so many Hawaiians choose to live with grandparents, adult children, grandchildren, or extended family? While managing space for multiple families can be a challenge, the pros Read More

You Should Build a Smaller Home

National building trends indicate a shift toward smaller, more affordable, and more eco-friendly homes. Of course, this trend is a natural fit for Hawaiians, who are accustomed to high housing costs and limited residential building space. But building (or buying) small comes with advantages that just might help you make your next home a little piece of paradise. Forget the old “go big or go home adage.”  Here’s five reasons Read More