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June 2019

Four New and Cost-Efficient Techniques for Building Green in Hawaii

Sustainable construction has come a long way from standard solar panels and reclaimed wood. While those are still great options, the evolution of green construction allows you to build a dream home capable of saving both resources and money. From “passive” energy options incorporated into your home design to specially modified materials, here’s a few of the latest innovations in green building. Ridge and Soffit Ventilation: Ideal for Hawaii’s Plantation-Style Read More

Four Hot Home Renovations to Kickstart Your Summer

Ready to upgrade your home this summer? Make the most of your Hawaiian dream house with four renovation projects that take advantage of the near perfect weather and beautiful tropical landscapes. From making your place a little more energy efficient to building the perfect guest room, consider these updates a homeowner’s guide to the perfect summer. Hawaii’s rainy months are over, so it’s the perfect time to build that Accessory Read More