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July 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Hawaii’s New Construction Laws

Two recently passed Bills regarding residential building may change the way homeowners, builders, and architects approach Oahu’s home construction process. Bill 79 (Ordinance 19-3,) which replaced Bill 110 (Ordinance 18-6) concerns the approval process for “large dwellings,” or what many refer to as “Monster Homes.” On the other hand, Bill 7 completely reconfigures the building codes for small parcels of land in an attempt to make it easier for property Read More

The Unseen Magic of a Good Interior Designer

While it’s easy to understand the importance of a great architect and a reliable contractor, many homeowners underestimate the role of a high-quality interior designer in creating a home that’s both beautiful and functional. But if you want a home that feels timeless, fits the needs of your lifestyle, and also happens to look incredible, an interior designer is an essential part of the home remodel or construction process. Here’s Read More