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August 2019

How to Modernize Your Home

If you love your current home but want it to look and feel more like the newer homes being built across the islands, it might be time to modernize your space. More than just a renovation to add square footage or replace aging materials, modernizing your home does more to increase the value of your property while simultaneously improving your quality of life. And don’t worry, modern doesn’t mean trendy—a Read More

Maximize your Floorplan

Ever look at residential floorplans and wonder what they’ll really look like in “real life?” Wondering if anyone really ever uses that enormous kitchen, or that half bath off the living room? Planning on building a home in Hawaii where space is often at a premium and small to mid-size homes dominate the market? You need a floorplan that maximizes every square inch of space. Fortunately, maximizing your floorplan doesn’t Read More

Building for the Affordable Housing Market: Making the Most of Bill 7

Honolulu’s newly signed Bill 7 hopes to make building affordable housing easier and more financially viable. The bill allows property owners with lots 20,000 square feet or less the option to construct new homes— on the condition that they charge rent on 80% of the new units at a rate deemed affordable for those making 100% or below the city’s median income. Bill 7 also offers several financial incentives to Read More