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May 2021

Past, Present, Future: Things to Consider Before Remodeling

Ready to remodel?  Renovating a home can be an extensive project requiring plenty of careful planning. Here’s  a comprehensive approach to  remodeling your home that takes the past, present, and future into account. Remembering the Past Before you begin knocking down walls or adding additional bedrooms, take time to consider your motivations for a remodel: Why is there no longer enough space for everyone in the kitchen?  Do you really Read More

Design Solutions 101: Never Enough Space

Thinking about building a new house or remodelling an older home ? You’ve likely experienced the following problem: never enough space in the kitchen or bathrooms. No matter how many times you rework the layout or rearrange the walls, there’s just never enough room for everything you need.  In our Design Solutions 101 series, we’ll tackle these issues and provide solutions for creating a truly functional dream house. Starting with Read More

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