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Building a Home in a Tropical Climate? Three Things You Need to Know

Living in a tropical paradise means enjoying access to beautiful beaches, stunning mountain views, and endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. But building a home capable of withstanding a humid climate and a rainy storm season can present challenges to new homebuilders hoping to create a sustainable environmentally friendly dream home. Here’s three ways your home can maximize the benefits of island living.

  • Keep air moving: prevent mold, stagnant air, and high electrical bills from elaborate cooling systems by working with your architect to design a home that allows for natural air-flow. Ensure that every major living space includes more than one entry-point, and enjoy plenty of cross-ventilation and natural light by including at least two windows in each room. Place vents and additional windows as high as possible to draw warm air out of your home, and remember to insulate both the walls and roof in order to stabilize indoor temperatures.
  • Plan for rain: Hawaii experiences anywhere from six to eight months of consistent rainfall- so good home design not only prevents water damage, but also finds ways to utilize rainwater effectively. A steeply pitched roof draws water away from your home quickly and efficiently, but creating an additional drainage and storage system ensures that water does not damage the home’s foundation and allows homeowners to use collected rainwater to maintain exterior landscaping or man-made water features.
  • Find the light, and orient your home accordingly: Avoid overheating your home with harsh sunlight by keeping east and west facing walls closed, or protected with window treatments, shaded awnings, or outdoor foliage. Placing windows and entrances on north and south facing walls allows for plenty of light while keeping your home cool and comfortable. But when it comes to installing solar panels, pay attention to additional factors like shade from nearby homes and trees, and work with your construction team to determine the best location for maximum access to direct sunlight.

A home well-suited to a tropical climate can make island living enjoyable, safe, and more affordable- giving you time and energy to enjoy all the benefits of Hawaiian living. Contact us today for free estimates, help finding the best professional team, and check our blog for more tips on building your dream home.

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