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Building the Perfect Master Bath

Master Bath Hawaii

Creating a spa-like master bath is a great way to add value to your home, while simultaneously offering you a luxurious and inviting sanctuary from the busy world. At Home Planning Hawaii, we can help you find the right architect or designer to take your bathroom from standard to spa. Our free instant estimator uses an interactive format to help you determine a budget guideline, while matching you with the best professionals for your renovations.

Some things to consider when bringing the spa home:

  • Invest in features that offer the most relaxation based on your lifestyle. Coming home from a long day sitting at your desk in the office? Consider selecting an up-scale shower head with massage features and water-pressure control. Sore after a long run? Let our designers help customize your bath with deep-set tubs ideal for soaking.
  • Balance warm and cool elements for a clean but natural ambiance. Too much stainless steel and hard stone can make a bathroom feel cold and antiseptic. Balance glamorous marbles and shiny fixtures with warmer paint colors, or soft accessories like bath towels and floor mats. If you are planning a major bathroom remodel, consider adding heated floors to your bathroom-your toes will thank you on cooler mornings. Our construction management team can connect you with knowledgeable contractors with expertise in remodeling spaces effectively and affordably.

Master Bath Hawaii

  • Add his-and-her style amenities to make your bathroom not only spa-worthy, but efficient. Double vanities and extra storage space ensures your bathroom always feels neat and orderly, no matter who might be sharing your space. To balance out the occasionally utilitarian feel of a double-sink, add unexpected touches of glamour, such as chandelier lighting or colorful artwork. If your space allows it, consider separating bath and shower areas from the rest of the space in order to make your bath feel more like a high-end retreat.
  • Even the most high-end home bathroom can’t be a spa all day. To help your space transition from a place where you get ready for work in the morning to place designed to help you unwind and relax, install customized lighting that can be dimmed or brightened according to your needs. Dim romantic lighting can help set the tone when relaxing in a warm bath, while bright light helps you look your best when preparing for the day. Sconces, candles, and multiple lighting accessories can keep your bathroom looking beautiful and inviting while remaining functional.

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