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Four Home Design Trends for 2022

Residential home design is experiencing a major aesthetics shift, especially since spending significant amounts of time at home is now the expected normal  for most individuals in the foreseeable future.  More time at home means less minimalism and more natural, organic, and inviting designs. From reconsidering synthetic materials to changing up the all-white color scheme, here’s what we can expect to see from residential designers in 2022. Go Natural Increased Read More

Go Broke: Reinventing the Broken Floor Plan

As architects and designers anticipate upcoming home design trends for  2022, homeowners might see something unexpected on the horizon: the decline of the (currently ubiquitous) open-concept floor plan.  While HGTV and home renovation shows helped make the open-concept floor plan seem almost mandatory for homeowners, we began tracking the rise of the “broken-concept” floor-plan last fall. And while a broken or closed concept living hasn’t reached the same level of Read More

Drafter vs Architect: What’s the difference?

When it comes to building or remodeling a home, it’s important to find the right team of professionals to meet your expectations and needs. From finding a reliable and experienced contractor to interviewing architects, drafters, and designers it can be challenging to know who you need for a major construction project.   One of the first decisions to make as a homeowner is whether or not to hire an architect, drafter, Read More

Planning an Open Concept Floor Plan

Are open concept floor plans on their way out? Some interior designers and architects think so, especially in the wake of a pandemic that kept everyone at home for months—and therefore in desperate need of more privacy and less sprawling common areas. But it’s probably inaccurate to assume that people are ready to return to homes with plenty of walls and clearly delineated rooms. In fact, it might be more Read More

Bright Ideas: Lighting Design Trends for 2021

Building or remodeling your home? Don’t forget the lights! Lighting design is now a focal point of residential construction, especially with more people working from home, and new technology that makes high-quality lighting design as easy as…well…flipping a switch. Here’s the lighting trends we’ve got our eyes on for 2021 and beyond.  Be bold Light fixtures are no longer considered just an appliance—interior designers now see them as an essential Read More

Kitchen Trends for 2021

Kitchen design is going through a major and long-awaited overhaul, both as part of the normal trend cycle and in response to the current work-from-home lifestyle maintained by both individuals and families. A move away from the all-white kitchen was inevitable, especially when the concept became over-saturated on home design shows and social media. But there’s more to the latest kitchen trends than swapping out paint and cabinet colors.  So Read More

When to Hire an Architect for a Remodel

You love your home—but you’re ready to make some big changes. We’re not talking about your weekend DIY paint job, we’re talking room additions, structural changes, and maybe even removing a wall or two.  That means it’s time to bring in the professionals. While you’ll definitely need a contractor to execute your project, figuring out whether you need an architect is a little trickier. Some experienced contractors are able to Read More

4 Fun Ways to Personalize your New Home

Congratulations, you’re building a new home! You’ve created a budget, you know your “must haves” and you’re ready to start working with architects, contractors, and builders and finally start making your dream home a reality. And as a responsible homeowner, you know maintaining a realistic budget is crucial to the success of your budget. You’re not getting tempted with unnecessary add-ons, or upending your budget by changing your design every Read More

Design Solutions 101: Foolproof Floor Plans

Whether you lived in one or just tried to navigate it while looking for a future home, everyone’s experienced a house with a  poorly organized floor plan.  From needing to walk across a private bedroom in order to access a common area, to kitchens and dining areas on opposite ends of the home, a home with bad “flow” is a risky investment and a very expensive fix.  Fortunately, this is Read More

What you need to know about building a home in 2021

Homebuilders in 2021 face a complex set of construction challenges: supply delays and skyrocketing materials prices, low property inventory, and the lingering effects of the worldwide pandemic.  It’s enough to make anyone long for the days where the biggest challenge to home construction involved finding the right contractor—which is also more important, and harder to do, than ever before.  While there’s no simple solution to the obstacles of building a Read More