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Three Ways to Increase the Value of your Home

Whether you’re planning a move or planning a remodel, everyone wants more financial security when it comes to the property value of their home. Fortunately, increasing the value of your home is possible with just about any budget. Here’s our top three tips for a guaranteed return on investment, from improving the curb appeal to embracing the unique aspects of your home.  Up the Curb Appeal Curb appeal is a Read More

Past, Present, Future: Things to Consider Before Remodeling

Ready to remodel?  Renovating a home can be an extensive project requiring plenty of careful planning. Here’s  a comprehensive approach to  remodeling your home that takes the past, present, and future into account. Remembering the Past Before you begin knocking down walls or adding additional bedrooms, take time to consider your motivations for a remodel: Why is there no longer enough space for everyone in the kitchen?  Do you really Read More

Design Solutions 101: Never Enough Space

Thinking about building a new house or remodelling an older home ? You’ve likely experienced the following problem: never enough space in the kitchen or bathrooms. No matter how many times you rework the layout or rearrange the walls, there’s just never enough room for everything you need.  In our Design Solutions 101 series, we’ll tackle these issues and provide solutions for creating a truly functional dream house. Starting with Read More

2021 Hawaiian Home Must-Haves

Ready to dive-in and build a new home? Residential construction is constantly evolving, but here’s what designers, architects, and contractors consider the “must haves” for new homes in 2021.  The New Home Essentials Energy-efficient design features are now considered the “essentials” for any new home, replacing earlier trends that focused solely on luxury building materials or status symbols—regardless of their cost or functionality. Today’s home “must haves” now prioritize form Read More

Ideal Outdoor Living for 2021

Beautiful weather and warmer temperatures mean we’re all ready to spend more time outdoors enjoying Hawaii’s natural beauty. And if we’ve learned anything from the last few months of limited travel, it’s that the right outdoor living space is crucial to enjoying time at home.  While most Hawaiians consider some type of outdoor living space as a standard feature of island life, the home construction trends for 2021 indicate that Read More

Three Ways COVID-19 Changed Residential Construction

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the way society functions, altering how we work, learn, shop, and socialize. Whether it’s  utilizing contactless delivery services to buy  groceries  or learning how to run a staff meeting remotely, life looks dramatically different from the way it did last year. And since many people are still spending  more time at home than ever before, it’s not surprising that residential construction is also changing in Read More

Three Tips for Building a Multigenerational Home

More and more Americans are adopting the multigenerational family model, but multi-family homes are a time-honored tradition for many Hawaiians. Not only does this living arrangement allow for parents, grandparents, and children to all foster meaningful relationships, it can provide a higher and more affordable standard of living for everyone involved. From allowing elderly family members to age in place, to saving on housing costs in Hawaii’s notoriously competitive market, Read More

Home Additions Made Simple

Ready for (or in desperate need of) more space? An addition can increase the value of your home while allowing you to stay in a preferred area or “almost perfect” space. And while adding more square footage is less labor-intensive than building an entirely new space, it’s important to remember that the process still requires careful planning and budgeting. But a bigger kitchen, extra bath, or upgraded main bedroom is Read More

How Bill 90 Changes Permitting

When it comes to maintaining the integrity of Hawaiian residential neighborhoods it may be a new year, but the conflict between residents and the builders of “monster homes” remains the same.  As part of the continued effort to prevent the construction of these “monster homes,” the City and Council of Honolulu recently passed Bill 90, which focuses on regulating the permitting process of large-scale dwellings. These large-scale dwellings are typically Read More

Happy Homes: Tips for a Smooth Construction Process

Is it possible to build a new home and not be completely overwhelmed by the process? While we can’t promise every moment from initial property purchase to final walk-through will be entirely stress-free, there are some steps homeowners can take in order to stay sane, on schedule, and within the budget! Plan and plan again: It’s always easier to make changes to an in-progress design plan rather than a finished Read More