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The Color Catalogs: Blue

The Color Catalogues: Blue

Ready to update your home but hesitant to commit to a single color palette?

Painting or decorating with multiple shades of blue might be the answer. This multi-faceted shade can act as both a neutral and an accent color, giving you an endless array of options that can be updated easily and affordably. When used as a neutral, light or more muted shades of blue highlight brightly colored accessories and dramatic architectural features. For blue-loving risk takers, rich blue tones like navy and royal blue contrast nicely with a modern or minimalist interior, allowing the color to act as the focal point of any space.

Beautiful Blue Accented Living Area with Coffee Table, Couch and Chairs of Home.

Decorating with blue can be the perfect choice for any room in your home: the right shade can open up common living spaces, or create a perfectly cozy master bedroom. Blue compliments brighter shades like orange and yellow—perfect for children’s rooms or outdoor living spaces, but blues can also be mixed with jewel tones to create luxurious living rooms and glamorous bedrooms.

Want to add some blue to your walls without opening a can of paint?

Look for artwork featuring shades of blue in a style that coordinates with the rest of your space.  Graphic and modern art pieces bring visual interest and color to a room, and can add a contemporary feel to an otherwise traditional space. Since the color blue occurs frequently in nature, landscape photography or paintings give the illusion of additional windows, making your space seem bright and filled with light.

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For those seeking a clean coastal look that doesn’t feel too beachy, consider accessioning a blue interiors or accessories with furniture from Honolulu Furniture Company. We featured their furniture last year, and we still love their Forward Thinking furniture line, which features unique pieces created from reclaimed lumber from Oahu. Paired with bold and dramatic accessories, reclaimed wood creates the perfect balance between modern and rustic design styles, while giving a stylistic nod to Hawaii’s beautiful beaches and stunning mountains.

To keep your space feeling less “baby boy nursery” and more contemporary, add grown-up architectural accents like crown-moldings and built-in shelving for sophistication and to add value to any living space.

Unsure of how to add updates to your existing space?

At Home Planning Hawaii, we can connect you with the best interior designers for on-site consultations and customized designs best suited to your individual tastes. Visit our interior design page and check out various interior design packages customized to your budget and design needs, and then use our free interactive form to determine the likely range of costs needed to update your space.

For even more inspiration, check out our Blue and White Moodboard on Pinterest!