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How do I get a catalog-worthy kitchen or bath?

modern kitchen

Maybe you’ve discovered that it’s easy to identify which styles you don’t like, but can’t quite create the vision of the perfect kitchen or bath worthy of your time and investment. Instead of spending valuable resources trying to do everything yourself, let the Kitchen &  Bath Design Services feature at Home Planning Hawaii guide you through the process. We can pair you with the ideal architect/designer based on your individual requirements, and our free instant estimate calculator can help you determine a budget before you begin any renovations.

Get Inspiration

Even with a skilled architect or designer at the helm, it is useful to start the design process by identifying your personal taste and style based on your lifestyle and needs. Our Home Planning Hawaii Pinterest page is full of inspiration boards that can help narrow down your likes and dislikes in all areas of design, from color inspiration to moodboards based on design inspired by Hawaii. Meeting with a professional designer armed with a few ideas for inspiration can streamline the design process and make sure you budget adequately for your favorite “must haves.”

Modern bathroom interior

A few important things to consider when talking to an architect or designer:

What will this space be used for? No matter how glamorous it may look online, an all-white kitchen might not be the best fit for a family with young toddlers prone to sticky handprints. You don’t have to sacrifice style for function, but remembering what a space might look like during everyday use, not just in a stylized photo shoot, can help a designer pick out the right materials best suited for both your life and your tastes.

You don’t need to incorporate every current design trend to create a beautiful kitchen or bath. In fact, too many trends or popular design styles may date your space instead of creating a timeless environment worthy of your investment. Try and select a few favorite eye-catching trends and blend them with traditional or classic elements in order to create a unique and personalized space.

Let your designers and architects visit the crowded showrooms filled with every tile, counter, or appliance option available for you, or bring them with you when you feel ready to make a major purchase. Showrooms can easily overwhelm the renovation process, so it’s best to come prepared and with help—especially when you’re faced with an aggressive sales pitch from employees.

Do your best to enjoy the process, and have fun. Renovating or remodeling your home can feel overwhelming, but by identifying your budget before beginning, spending time identifying your personal style, and working with a professional, you can still enjoy the process. Most importantly, you’re guaranteed to end up with the design-catalog worthy kitchen or bath of your dreams.