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Salon Style Hanging: Beautiful Imperfections

Salon Style Hanging

Nothing speaks to us like our own personal memories. If you are thinking there is a room in the house that needs a little personality, start with your walls and the photos tucked away in books; however, forgo the traditional gallery style hanging and opt for a salon wall hanging style. Between the creative use of space and your personal memories, you will always have conversation starters, a warm welcome into the room, and a decorative element that truly belongs to you.

Salon Style Hanging

Don’t limit yourself to photos. If you have plates, plants, dried flowers, or other heirlooms that can be hung easily, add these to the mix. Again, Salon Style hanging allows for beautiful imperfections and the expression of true individuality.

If you’re feeling a bit shy and needs a guide, take look at the following Salon Style gallery hanging.

Black Frames Salon Style

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