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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Room

When it comes to living large, taking advantage of your outdoor space gets you maximum bang for your buck. You’ve already got the space, so why not take it to the next level with a little attention and some quick fixes that will make it your favorite room “in” the house? Here are 5 tips for creating your perfect outdoor room.

Make Outdoor Rooms Comfortable
The more comfortable a space is—the more you’re able to relax and enjoy yourself—the more likely you are to spend time there. Get furniture that gives you enough space to curl up and read a book or lay down and nap or soak up the sun. And don’t forget the cushions. Lots of them.

Home Planning Hawaii - Outdoor Living

Create Ambiance with Great Lighting
Whether you rely on tiki torches, sconces, or a pendant lamp for your primary lighting source, don’t forget to keep the space multi-functional with a variety of lighting options: bright lights for pool parties, cooking, or reading before bed; low lights for dinner parties and romantic snuggling under the stars. And don’t forget good lighting for the pool and stairways to keep everyone safe. On a budget? Grab a few hooks and string some party lights over the space for instant ambiance.

Bring Some Fun to Your Outdoor Living Space
Outdoor space is all about relaxing, getting fresh air, and having fun! It’s a great place to incorporate some whimsical elements into your decor, experiment with throw pillows, or create a focal point with a funky piece of furniture or art.


Power Up Your Outdoor Living Area
Access to power is pretty crucial in an outdoor room, whether you’re charging your phone, playing music, stringing up party lights, or running the refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen. Work with your architect, designer, or electrician to be sure you’ve got enough outlets (and the right types) to fit your needs.

Use Materials That Last
Quality materials specifically chosen for outdoor use will get you a lot more mileage for your money—and require a lot less upkeep. Pick well so you can enjoy your space instead of spending the weekends fixing it up or replacing worn out furniture. Consider materials like teak, synthetic resin, or stainless steel for furniture; finishes like stained concrete, granite, and tile are excellent for countertops; and for “flooring” you can consider pressure-treated, tropical, or hard wood (make sure you get a good seal on it!); a composite material like Trex; tile; stamped concrete; stone; or brick. The possibilities are practically endless.

Home Planning Hawaii - Outdoor Living

If you’re ready to create the perfect outdoor space for you and your family, give us a call. We’ll help you create a space that has your name written all over it, whether you live in a high-rise condo or on a beach-front estate. To schedule a consultation, call 808-222-4069.