Honolulu Home Planning is now able to connect homebuilders, architects, and contractors with third-party reviewers for new residential building plans.  With our extensive knowledge of Hawaiian building codes and regulations specific to building on the islands, let us help you navigate the Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) carefully and efficiently by matching you with the right third-party reviewer. A third-party review will help you and your builders obtain building permits faster than any other permitting process, saving you time and money better spent on designing a beautiful new home.

Want to make an informed decision on whether hiring a third-party review team is right for you? From navigating the changes in the traditional permit submission process, to deciding between a one-time review or hiring a third-party reviewer, here’s everything you need to know about building permits for new homes in Hawaii.

Traditional Permit Applications:

This process begins after you submit your building plans to the Department of Planning and Permitting for review. Since 2013, all plans for new residential builds must be uploaded electronically to the DPP website. Unfortunately, there is currently a backlog of e-files waiting for approval, which means the traditional route to obtaining a building permit can take anywhere from 6-12 months.

One-Time Review (OTR):

In this scenario, four sets of plans are submitted to the DDP with a One- Time Review form. The plans are assigned reviewers, who propose needed corrections and return the plans to the homeowners and builders. After all the corrections are addressed, plans are submitted for final approval. Because plans are not altered and resubmitted multiple times, permits are usually issued within 2-3 months.

However, as part of the One-Time Review agreement, homeowners agree to abide by any decisions made by the DPP reviewers and inspectors, who can override any proposals that don’t abide by their understanding of Hawaii’s building code. With no alternative means of resolving disagreements between builders and reviewers, a homeowner with a particularly complex building plan may find their designs permanently altered. Potential new homeowners and architects should ensure the convenience of the One-Time Review process does not override the need to negotiate and reconfigure design plans to comply with building codes and homeowner expectations.

Third-Party Review:

By hiring a licensed third-party reviewer to manage the permitting process, homeowners significantly expedite the approval process for their building permit. A third-party reviewer is responsible for ensuring each aspect of the building plan complies with state code, in addition to acquiring all necessary permits. Furthermore, a third-party review maintains another key advantage—unlike a one-time review, builders maintain the option to negotiate with inspectors and the DPP over proposed changes and corrections.

While a third-party review does add an additional cost to your building budget, finding the right third-party reviewer for your project can save significant amounts of time and money, especially since a third-party review can often be completed within a few weeks.

Contact us today to see if Home Planning Hawaii can find assist you in finding the right Third-Party Review service for your building project.