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Is a Contemporary-Style Home Right for You?

Ready to build the perfect dream house?

Discovering the ideal architecture style for your new space is one of the first important steps in designing a home. But with design trends that change almost daily and a multitude of architectural styles available, finding a design that’s best for you can be a bit of a challenge.

We’re here to help. From creating a budget and hiring the right architect to connecting with the best builders in Hawaii, we’re dedicated to making the process of building a home as simple and stress-free as possible. And it all starts with identifying a building style that truly reflects your lifestyle and personality.

One of our favorite architecture models for ideal island living? Contemporary-style homes that effortlessly blend midcentury design with traditional elements and eco-friendly materials. As stylish and timeless as their modern/minimalist predecessors, but with all the warmth and personality of a craftsman-style bungalow, contemporary homes offer the perfect fusion of past and present, and is easily customizable.

You’ll know a contemporary home is the right fit for you if you’re interested in open-concept floor plans with mixed-use rooms and plenty of room for entertaining. This style draws heavily on modern architecture— which prioritized lots of unrestricted space, fluid connections between the indoors and outdoors, and minimalist design elements.

But while many people find a truly modern home too impersonal or “cold” for residential living, contemporary homes infuse personality and warmth into the design by adding natural building materials (think wood, rough-cut stone, and even plant-life,) and pragmatic floor plans that include extra storage space, private master-suites, and guest rooms. The end result is a beautiful and timeless home with plenty of space, personality, and amenities.

A final benefit of the contemporary style? Contemporary styles often incorporate the best in green building practices as well as the latest technology to make a home both sustainable and unique. By utilizing natural light to decrees heating and cooling costs, to using local materials like bamboo flooring, a contemporary home style is truly adaptable to both the needs of the owner and the environment.

If you’re ready to explore contemporary building styles as part of the process of building a new home, contact us today for a free online estimate or to connect with experienced builders and designers that specialize in building one-of-a-kind homes.



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