Whole House Remodels in Hawaii

Opening up floor plans, moving stairs and adjusting bedrooms and living spaces is sometimes the best thing to do to update a home for modern living. Below is a list of our best tips:

Let Go of Preconceived Notions

Let go of preconceived ideas of how rooms should be arranged and see if you aren’t led to a solution that suits your needs better! Sometimes to achieve your desired results means a more ambitious remodeling. It may mean that the master bedroom needs to go where the living room is. Or moving the kitchen may solve many layout problems.It’s easy to test bold ideas in the design phase, and sometimes bold ideas lead to better results, so don’t be afraid to speak out about what you want your remodel to accomplish.

Move the Stairs and Get Rid of the Fireplaces

So often stairs and fireplaces are just in the wrong spot. In these cases, it of possible to completely move staircases to better connect different floors and make the dimensions more comfortable and safer.Old masonry fireplaces are often located where it would be much nicer to have large windows or french doors leading outside. The advent of modern prefabricated metal fireplaces makes smaller and more efficient units possible. Which means moving or remodeling one to achieve the look and feel you want is easier than ever before.

Bye, Bye Hallways

Since hallways don’t generally make a house feel larger or more expansive, consider using old hallways for new room space. Connect rooms to each other without hallways, you’ll end up with rooms and areas that feel larger and flow better.

Consider Green Materials

Use your remodel as an opportunity to incorporate as many green materials as possible. Much of a whole house remodel is new finishes. Consider green materials such as low-VOC paints, woods harvested with sustainability as a priority, natural carpets, and other materials that do not off-gas harmful chemicals. You’ll have a better interior living environment and greater peace of mind about your environmental impact.

Don’t Forget the Outside

Exteriors need just as much attention as interiors! Consider new paint colors, windows, doors, roofing, and siding. When adding new doors and windows, don’t be constrained by existing openings when what you want is a new look. It can be easy to lower sill heights or even add french doors where a window was once located. Consider architectural features such as dormers or an interesting entry canopy to change or upgrade the entire external look and feel of your home.

By making bold design moves, rearranging spaces, and upgrading and renewing materials, an old house can be given new purpose and extend its usefulness for many years. Whole house remodels are exciting; don’t be surprised if the new, fresh design adds a little zing to your life.

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