2021 Hawaiian Home Must-Haves

Ready to dive-in and build a new home? Residential construction is constantly evolving, but here’s what designers, architects, and contractors consider the “must haves” for new homes in 2021.

The New Home Essentials

Energy-efficient design features are now considered the “essentials” for any new home, replacing earlier trends that focused solely on luxury building materials or status symbols—regardless of their cost or functionality.

Today’s home “must haves” now prioritize form and function to create beautiful living spaces that protect the environment and the homeowner. Which means three of the main essentials for building a home in 2021 are energy efficient windows, solar panels, and high-quality recycled materials. 

Window stories: Large-scale windows are nothing new—they’ve been a popular home design feature for decades. But today’s oversized windows not only let in plenty of natural light, they can also protect against UV rays and help maintain a consistent temperature within the home. 

This  allows you to spend less on both lighting and  air conditioning, all while enjoying Hawaii’s beautiful landscape. 

Solar panels: Solar panels went from an eventual addition to existing homes to an integral part of every new home design plan. Not only do they help the current owner save on energy bills, they also increase the overall property value of your home.

Recycled materials: The increased cost of construction materials, both throughout the U.S. but especially on the islands, means using recycled materials is a crucial way to maintain your budget while building a home. Lumber and reclaimed wood are the most commonly used recycled material, but other options include concrete, metal, and even asphalt. 

An Open Concept Break-Through 

Our recent post on COVID 19’s impact on residential construction noted how a year spent at home revitalized the open concept design trend that’s dominated the last 10-15 years.

But as things slowly return to normal, home designers are noticing a slightly more nuanced take on open concept floor plans. While homeowners still appreciate the functionality of combined spaces, they also recognize that a fully open floor plan might not be the best option for their lifestyle.

The latest  home designs now feature partially open floor plans, with flexible features that allow for the best of both open concept and “broken up” living spaces. Think pocket doors that disappear into the wall when open, sliding doors and partitions between central living spaces, and partial walls or interior window spaces that maintain both sightlines and a sense of privacy. 

Space to Work Out and Work In  

Even in the post-pandemic future, many people intend to continue working from home, especially since they’ve already adapted both their tech and their work habits for remote work. 

More individuals working from home may be the impetus behind the rise in partially-open concept home designs, since their work requires a quiet space to virtually meet with colleagues. 

But homeowners are also opting to build their home with dedicated work and recreation spaces, whether it’s a “zoom room” for work and school, or a fully functional home gym with both the equipment and tech needed to participate in online workout classes or training programs. 

In the past, these spaces were seen as “bonus” amenities, which were included in the design plan only when the budget and space allowed. But many homeowners now consider them “must haves” and therefore a priority when designing a new home. 

From an open concept dream space to a command center for working from home, let us help you get every  “must have” on your new-home checklist. We’ll help you find the best professionals in the business so all you have to do is enjoy the results. Contact us today to get started, or try out our online instant estimator for stress-free budgeting.

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