2023 Residential Design Trends

Happy New Year! We hope your 2023 is filled with joy, and plenty of time spent in a home you love. If this year includes building a new home or finally remodeling a beloved space, here’s what to look for in terms of  the latest trends and innovations in residential construction.

A New Take on “Evergreen”

No, we aren’t referring to using your Christmas tree as year-round decor. Biophilic design was a big residential trend in 2022, and it’s expected to become even more significant in 2023. 

At its core, biophilic design refers to the relationship between people, nature, and their environment. In architecture, it refers to finding ways to build spaces that allow the inhabitants to interact with nature in a meaningful way.

What does that mean for homeowners? Designs in 2023 will feature lots of natural light, layouts that facilitate natural breezeways through windows and doors,  and multiple indoor/outdoor living spaces.

Flexible roofing and terrace construction is also one the rise, including innovations to provide both shade or sun depending on weather conditions—think retractable windows, paneling, and lanai porch covers. 

Colorful and Unique Organics 

Biophilic design also refers to the type of building materials used in construction, so expect to see an increase in natural wood, stone, and plant materials. But what makes 2023 different from 2022 is the color and tone used in these materials.

After what feels like decades of all-white kitchens and bathrooms, homes will continue to feature marble and wood, but in dramatically different shades than before. Kitchens featuring blue marble countertops are a particularly trendy choice, but warm-toned wood and colorful tiles are also on-trend for 2023.

Want a space that’s truly unique? Custom-woodwork, unique window and door shapes, (think arches, circles, and curved lines) and an unorthodox blending of design styles (like a Victorian or barn-style silhouette made from contemporary concrete and stone materials) are all options for the adventurous homeowner.

Make Room for Wellness 

2020 saw the rise of dedicated in-home offices and study rooms, spaces that were often separated from the rest of the home. This trend even prompted some to embrace “closed-concept” or “broken” floor plans, a sharp detour from the ubiquitous open-concept design favored by most homeowners.

And while most people have since returned to their offices and/or schools, spaces designed for wellness, hobbies, and recreation are still a major trend in residential design. Home offices are now becoming art and yoga studios, and en suite bathrooms are expanding to include luxury items like in-home spas and soaking tubs. 

So while we might not need to stay home, it turns out that we just might want to, which means homes will need to adapt once again to prioritize spaces that improve wellness and overall well being. 

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