3 Simple Ways to Make your Home More Efficient

Any home designer or architect will tell you that a well-designed home should be both beautiful and functional. But we’d like to raise the bar a little higher and suggest that your new home should actively make your life easier. How? By increasing efficiency and saving you money. Want to make your new home “work” for you? Here’s three simple tips for increasing the productivity of your new home.

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  • Impact Resistant Windows

In Hawaii, most residential construction projects are required to install impact resistant windows capable of withstanding a category 3 hurricane or tropical storm. However, the islands regularly experience category 4 weather systems, putting your new home at risk for permanent damage. Installing windows with a higher impact resistance rating protects your home from weather damage, but also makes your home more efficient by reducing heating and cooling costs, minimizing noise pollution, and allowing for home designs to include lots of natural light without compromising safety.

  • Multipurpose Living Spaces

Current trends in home design are eliminating multiple hallways and enclosed spaces in favor of open-concept design plans that utilize space more effectively. If you want to further increase the efficiency of your home, consider making central living spaces capable of serving multiple purposes. A formal living room might only experience occasional use, but a living room that simultaneously serves as a library adds additional function to an otherwise limited-use space. Casual dining spaces can also act as homework centers, and your patio can double as an outdoor kitchen. Clean lines, limited enclosures, and a little imagination can make your home’s floor plan multipurpose and highly efficient.

  • Customized your HVAC System

Not every room in your house is the same size, maintains the same exposure to direct sunlight, or experiences the same level of use. A high-quality HVAC system allows you to customize the heating and cooling needs for different parts of your home, saving you money on energy bills while keeping each room at its ideal temperature. With advances in smart home technology, you can save time and resources managing your home remotely via your phone or computer.Building a new home is an exciting but complex endeavor. Make sure the final results make your home life easier and more enjoyable. For help finding the right professional for your home, contact us today!

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