4 Fun Ways to Personalize your New Home

Congratulations, you’re building a new home! You’ve created a budget, you know your “must haves” and you’re ready to start working with architects, contractors, and builders and finally start making your dream home a reality.

And as a responsible homeowner, you know maintaining a realistic budget is crucial to the success of your budget. You’re not getting tempted with unnecessary add-ons, or upending your budget by changing your design every time you see the latest trend in home design.

You’re on the right track, stay on it! But before you finalize your plans and your budget, remember that if you just wanted a functional residence, you’d probably buy an existing home. Your new home needs to be yours, and that means personalizing your space and having a little fun with the design. 

Wondering how to add some fun back into the home design and construction process? Consider adding one or two of the following suggestions to your design plan. Not only are most of them budget-friendly, they might just be the thing you need to keep your enthusiasm alive over the next few months of construction. 

  1. Add in an element of surprise with a secret passage, room, or entrance. This doesn’t need to be elaborate, but swapping out the standard door for a hidden doorway (maybe in the form of a bookcase?) can make an otherwise every day closet into something special and unique.

This is also a great option for side by side kid bedrooms, stairways, loft access, or simply as a way to connect the  main bedroom to an  ensuite or  home office. 

  1. Want to make your kitchen feel like something out of a fancy period television drama? Bring back an updated version of a butler’s pantry. While this may require some budget negotiations, a butler’s pantry doesn’t need to be a major expense. 

Consider reallocating some of your kitchen, dining, or living room space to create a full-service pantry off your kitchen, complete with prep space, additional appliances, and extra food supplies. 

A Butler’s pantry is especially helpful for open concept homes, since it provides prep space for cooking that can be closed off from the main entertaining and central living areas. Just think, hiding your cooking mess from guests is just a pantry away.

  1. If you already know you plan to spend a lot of time using your outdoor living space, why not make room in the budget for upgrades that will take your porch or lanai to the next level. 

Whether it’s a fully functional outdoor kitchen, an authentic pizza oven, or an outdoor movie theater, spend your money where you spend your time, and skip on the upgrades that don’t truly add value to the experience of living in your home. 

  1. Transform necessities into focal points. If a standard rectangular staircase is already part of your design plan, why not explore modifying the design for a curved, spiral, or otherwise statement stairway—think added built-in elements, or using unexpected materials or colors.

Statement stairways or similar accent features will help personalize your home, and distinguish your personal style from every other new build on the block. 

Need some help navigating your budget or the design process? Let’s connect. Contact us today for resources on budgeting, hiring the right architect or contractor, and getting inspiration for your next project. 

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