5 Quick Home Improvement Projects you Can do Safely at Home

Whether you’re looking to sell your home in the future or just want to spruce-up your current space, now is a great time to tackle basic home improvement projects while staying safe at home. By getting a little creative and using supplies already on hand, you can easily transform your home and garden into a space you’ll love.

1. Start by deep cleaning your vent covers and your baseboards. Heating and cooling vent covers gather lots of dust and grime over time, especially if you haven’t turned on your air conditioner during the cooler months. Before you blast the AC, make sure you aren’t blowing dust and allergens throughout your home by vacuuming vents with a small brush attachment or wiping each vent with a dry microfiber cloth.Added bonus: this will make your heating and cooling systems more efficient, which saves you money long-term. While you’re in the deep cleaning zone, wipe down or vacuum your baseboards and crown molding as well—we promise you’ll notice a big difference once you’re done.2. Got artwork and shelving lined up against the wall or in a back closet? There’s never been a better time to create a gallery wall or install that extra shelving in your kitchen. Need a practice-run before committing to hanging up a larger piece or grouped display? Cut craft paper (or old newspapers, wrapping paper, or other packaging) into the same dimensions as your art and use painter’s tape to try out various groupings and heights before you install the real stuff—it’s the perfect method for hanging art while saving your walls and your sanity.3. Now that you’re spending lots of time at home, all the scratches, dings, and signs of wear on your walls might be much more noticeable. Dig out the spare paint you’ve been storing for years and repair and repaint the damaged spots throughout your home. You’ll be surprised how much better (and newer!) your home looks after just a few quick fixes. And if you’re looking for an even bigger transformation, use the leftover paint from one room to create a coordinating accent wall in another space. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to liven things up without spending a lot of money or time.4. Enjoy Hawaii’s amazing weather at home by spending time in the garden. Weed and clean out garden beds, prune stray branches from your trees, and repair any garden walls or fences if possible. Even if you can’t plant anything new, you’re doing the necessary work to prepare your yard for future landscaping and increasing your curb appeal. It’s a win-win.5. Upcycle or repair old furniture. Weather it’s a simple project like sewing new covers for the throw pillows on your couch, fixing the curtains you’ve been meaning to alter for months, or refinishing the kitchen table, you can give your space a mini make-over just by repairing or repurposing the things you already own. New to furniture repair or without a sewing machine? Consider rearranging the future, swapping in pieces from other spaces, or simply swapping out the photos in your frames for updated versions.We hope you enjoy these easy tips for updating your home without leaving the house. While we look forward to helping you build or remodel your home in the future, we appreciate everyone working hard to keep everyone healthy and safe— from the essential workers and healthcare professionals on the frontlines to our clients, neighbors, and friends spending time at home to maintain the well-being of our community. We’ll see you in the brighter days ahead!

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