Building to Beat the Heat

Whether you’re building new or remodeling a current home, summer temperatures have everyone concerned about keeping cool. And while traditional air conditioning methods are effective, they’re also costly and often environmentally unsustainable. Fortunately, good design and updated technology gives homeowners plenty of ways to beat the heat.

Here’s our tips for staying cool this summer…Create a cross-breeze: Good air ventilation is key for maintaining indoor air quality as well as maintaining the temperature in your home. While some new homes include a whole-house ventilation system to exhaust stale air and bring in a steady supply of fresh air, existing homeowners can create natural ventilation by opening the windows or doors directly across from each other to allow for a steady cross-breeze. And if you’re working with a designer or architect for your new home, make sure to review the plans to ensure that each room has the window or entry access necessary to promote consistent air flow throughout the home. Keep the air moving: Ceiling fans are an effective and cost-efficient way to keep homes cool and keep air moving. In Hawaii, it’s common to install fans throughout the home, as well as in any indoor/outdoor living spaces, just make sure the blades are moving counterclockwise for best results. For additional temperature control, installing an attic fan can help pull in cooler air from the outside while pushing out the hotr air rising from the main floor. Make windows and doors multifunctional: During the summer months, much of a home’s heat comes from outdoor sunlight, as well as indoor lighting systems and electrical appliances. Mitigate both these heat sources by installing tinted windows, switching out traditional light bulbs for low-heat LED bulbs, and upgrading your appliances to energy-efficient alternatives whenever possible.Be smart with air conditioning: For both new or existing homes, opt for a smart air-conditioning system than only runs when the house reaches a certain temperature, or one that can be programmed to automatically turn on during peak hours and off during the evening and when you’re away from home. Looking to cool down, fast? Avoid lowering the temperature on the AC as a quick fix. Turning on a fan or opening a window is a faster and less costly way to reduce the temperature in the room. As we find ourselves spending more time at home, discovering new ways to stay cool and comfortable are more important than ever. For both remodels and new home construction, Home Planning Hawaii is the perfect resource for connecting you with the construction experts you need to make your home an oasis from the heat. Contact us to start making connections or plans, or use our free online estimator to start calculating the budget for your next project.

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