Designing the Perfect Master Bedroom

A well-designed master bedroom provides space for rest and relaxation while also adding significant financial value to your property. Fortunately, building and designing the perfect space is possible— even when working with the limited square footage so common in Hawaiian real estate. Whether you are remodeling your existing bedroom or designing a brand-new home, here’s four things you’ll need to achieve a perfect master-suite…

Make Room: All too frequently, residential floorplans neglect the master bedroom in both design and functionality. Make sure your master is as functional as your kitchen or living room by incorporating plenty of additional storage—from built-in bookshelves and wardrobes to drawers under the bed and extended shelving in the closet. Built-ins and extra shelving not only help keep your master bedroom neat and organized, it also creates an opportunity for you to display the personal treasures and collections that make your master bedroom unique.Create Zones: Even if you’re working with limited square footage, organize your master bedroom space into “zones” by adding seating, incorporating a dividing wall or partition, or changing the flooring from hard-wood to tile as a design transition between the bedroom and en-suite bathroom. Pre-planned “zoning” helps you make the most of a smaller space and adds functionality to otherwise unused areas. Think added seating along a bay window, a reading nook in the corner, or a beautifully designed and decorated partition wall between the bedroom and walk-in closet.Let there be Light: Many builders and homeowners wisely place the master bedroom away from common living spaces and busy hallways in order to maximize privacy and minimize noise in the master bedroom itself. Unfortunately, this makes some master suites stuffy and dark, since they are cut-off from both the natural airflow moving throughout the rest of the home and the natural light from exterior windows placed at the front of the house. Prevent making a master-suite cave by incorporating large windows wherever possible, especially on opposing sides ofthe room. Opposing windows create a naturally cooling cross-breeze when opened, and can help you take advantage of Hawaii’s beautifully scenery. Skylights and textured bathroom windows can also increase natural light and keep your room feeling open and airy.Create an indoor/outdoor Oasis: Make your master-suite a true sanctuary by extending the space with a private balcony or patio. Sliding glass or French doors not only give the illusion of a larger space, but adding outdoor seating can help you feel as if your master bedroom truly is a luxury retreat far away from the busy outside world—or even just the rest of the house. Make sure to add removable or retractable shade options to your space so that you can enjoy outdoor living throughout the day, as well as create additional privacy when needed.When you’re ready to make your dream master-suite a reality, Home Planning Hawaii is here tohelp. Our free online estimator can help you calculate costs, or put you in touch with Hawaii’s best architects, interior designers, and draftsmen. Contact us today to get started.

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