Five Kitchen Design Trends Perfect for Your Hawaiian Home

Once a room homeowners tried to keep out of sight from guests and visitors, the kitchen is now the undeniable heart of every modern home. It’s where people entertain, spend quality time with family, or even relax after a long day. So if you’re building a new house, it’s important to make your kitchen as inviting and functional as possible. Fortunately, many of the latest trends in kitchen design work perfectly for new Hawaiian homes.

Here’s our favorite of the current design trends, guaranteed to help you build a new kitchen that’s both current yet timeless.1.Smart-design kitchens with plenty of customizable cabinetry and work-space options specially designed to utilize every inch of space and avoid clutter. Think concealed cupboards and hidden drawers for small appliances, and pull-out or moveable food prep stations that disappear once the cooking and baking ends. While every kitchen design needs to maximize its square footage, this trend is especially great for smaller island homes or multigenerational residences with plenty of cooks in the kitchen.2.Multi-functional islands to best maximize storage and seating options. Kitchen islands serve a myriad of functions, from acting as the at-home bar to the after-school snack station. Which is why the latest home kitchen designs include a large island with built-in appliance and bakeware storage while also providing enough space to seat additional guests.3.Natural elements, such as exposed wood and stone, in darker tones for a dramatic effect. Goodbye, all-white kitchens. Good news: matte stone countertops and dark wood cabinets look especially striking in rooms with plenty of natural light, so take advantage of Hawaii’s beautiful landscape and fill your kitchen with as many windows as possible to make this current trend a long-term classic.4.Built-in seating and dining options that blur the lines between dining and living spaces. Open concept floorplans are nothing new, but the latest home designs further dissolve the line between kitchen and communal spaces. Built-in bench seating and fold-out or adjustable dining tables open up more floor space to include reading nooks and other entertaining spaces usually only found in a traditional living room—another innovative solution for small to mid-size homes.5.Statement pieces that act as timeless works of art. From gourmet ovens to designer lighting, kitchens are a perfect space to highlight investment pieces that are both functional and beautiful. Want to include a statement piece in your kitchen without breaking the budget? Choose a bright and unique color for your cabinets, like a forest green, sky-blue, or dramatic red.Need help finding a designer and architect to implement your plans for a dream kitchen? Contact us today and we’ll help you find your home construction team, starting with establishing a budget. Our free online estimator is a great place to start!

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