Four Important Questions to Ask Before You Remodel

Whether you’re making room for a growing family, upgrading your kitchen, or creating the en suite bathroom of your dreams, remodeling your home requires lots of careful planning. Wondering where to start? These four questions can help you identify your needs and align them with your current home and budget, making your renovation a little less stressful and a lot more rewarding.

1.What do I really need? It’s easy to think you need a large-scale home renovation when you’re feeling cramped in your existing space, but when it comes to potentially expensive remodeling projects, sometime less really is more.Do you need an extra bedroom, or just more dining space in your kitchen? Will you get more use out of a larger common living area or a private work or office space? Determining your exact needs instead of relying on an ambiguous desire for “more space” will help you and your contractor create an addition that truly fits your lifestyle.2.Will this addition fit within the overall design? We’ve all seen awkward home additions that ultimately reduce the value of the home. Before you remodel, make sure your addition functions within your existing floorplan—avoid additions that require awkward hallways or entryways, changes that block natural pathways between common living spaces, or oddly placed extensions that reduce the curb appeal of your home.3.What is the overall condition of my home? Older homes usually require additional maintenance and repair during a remodel, especially when working with plumbing and electrical systems. Be sure to factor any pre-renovation repair work into your budget, or run the risk of encountering costly surprises that could break your budget before remodeling even begins.4.Is my renovation legal? Hawaii’s residential construction regulations vary by zone, type of project, and size. You’ll almost certainly require a building permit, so make sure to hire an experienced contractor or architect with a thorough understanding of the state’s permitting laws.Need a guide in finding an expert? We’re here to help. Contact us today to get in touch with the construction professionals guaranteed to have the answers to all your remodeling questions.

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