Four Tips for a Stress-Free Bathroom Remodel

From replacing an outdated vanity to renovating from top to bottom, upgrading your bathroom is a great way to reinvigorate—and add value— your home. A new bathroom can make your home feel fresh and updated, and let’s face it, it’s the one space in your home guaranteed to be used multiple times a day. Why not make this space the bathroom of your dreams?
With the right preparation your remodeling project can be practically stress-free. Here’s four tips to help you plan your next project:

  1. Have a solid plan before you start.

Bathroom remodels can quickly become very expensive and problematic, especially without a plan. Even a basic floor plan is a helpful tool in providing the sizes and square footage needed, and is particularly helpful for when it’s time to order materials. Working with a contractor or draftsperson is a great place to get started.  

Did you know there are many different types of bathrooms? What’s the difference between a full bath and quarter bath? What about the difference between a Jack-and-Jill bath and a wet room? There are pros and cons to each, so make sure you decide which type of bathroom you’d like before you start demolition.

  1. Figure out your priorities for the space.

Do you have a lot of products that need storage? Do you prefer baths instead of showers? Is this a bathroom meant for guest use or as an en-suite to the primary bedroom? These are all things to think about when planning a bathroom addition or remodel. Deciding your bathroom’s primary purpose will help you know where to prioritize your time and money.

Once you determine your priorities, make your bathroom function for its intended purpose. If you like doing your make up in the bathroom,  add a large mirror, bright lights, and counter space. If you love a nightly bath, make sure to install a tub and hooks for towels. Living with an elderly adult? Make sure every entryway is accessible for a walker or wheelchair. Remember, no matter how beautiful a space might look, if it’s not functional, you’ll only end up being frustrated.

  1. Make sure you include bathroom ventilation.

All bathrooms need some type of ventilation, especially in humid climates like Hawaii. Not only is this a practical aspect of good design, it’s often required by code. Ventilation can be in the form of properly sized windows, especially ones placed on opposing walls in order to create a cross-breeze,  or just a standard bathroom exhaust fan.

When choosing a bathroom fan, be aware of the exhaust capacity, or how many cubic feet of air gets moved per minute. Also pay attention to the noise level of the fan. Because most bathrooms are small, even a moderately loud bathroom fan can sound too loud.

  1. Choose the right flooring.

Solid wood floors are beautiful and can infuse a room with great style and character. However, wood flooring in the bathroom is not a great choice from a practical standpoint, since it warps easily and gets damaged when it’s wet.

Instead, pick a bathroom flooring that is hard enough to stand up against the rigors of daily bathroom use. Some flooring favorites include luxury vinyl, plank- and-tile ceramic, and porcelain.

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