High-End Design on a Budget

Want to build a dream home in Hawaii? You’re not alone. Hawaii’s increasingly competitive housing market continues to drive up prices, and it can be difficult to find room in your construction budget for the high-end design elements that make a home feel unique.While it might not be possible to include every costly upgrade in your construction plans, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with builder-grade only options. Here’s our go-to tricks for building an island paradise in a high-cost area like Hawaii.

First, focus on adding one custom element to your central living space, and let that piece shine. Whether it’s an elegant light-fixture in your entry-way, eye-catching wooden beams across the living room ceiling, or a wall of beautiful built-ins, it’s possible to make room in your budget for one truly stand-out piece without breaking the bank.For homeowners on the islands, hiring artisans in the community to create something personal is a great way to find unique pieces made specifically with your price-point in mind. And remember, staying in your budget is good design in itself— even with an unlimited budget, it’s smart to let one stand-out piece be the focal point of your home.Next, remember to think long term and build now, upgrade later. While some upgrades are impossible to install after construction is completed, (it’s hard to raise ceilings on a finished house, or remove walls and structural supports,) you can work with your designer in identifying additions that can be included later. One of the easiest ways to add a little high-end glamour is to add crown molding along the ceiling, or install chair railings in larger rooms. These details bring character to your home, but can be postponed to accommodate your budget.Use expensive building materials, but prioritize where and how they are used in your home. Real stone countertops are beautiful but costly, so a little creativity may be required during the design process. Check local stone yards for remnant pieces that may be too small for a kitchen, but would be perfect for a bathroom en suite. By buying local, you’ll be able to find one-of-a-kind materials and save on expensive shipping.When you’re ready to find the contractors, designers, and architects best suited to your vision of a high-end home on a Hawaii budget, we’re here to help. Your dream home is closer than you think.

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