How to Modernize Your Home

If you love your current home but want it to look and feel more like the newer homes being built across the islands, it might be time to modernize your space. More than just a renovation to add square footage or replace aging materials, modernizing your home does more to increase the value of your property while simultaneously improving your quality of life. And don’t worry, modern doesn’t mean trendy—a good architect or builder can design modern upgrades with timeless and long-term benefits.

For the best return on investment, start in the kitchen. This is the number one room homeowners and buyers wish they could expand, so if possible, take a closed-off kitchen and create an open floorplan between the kitchen, dining, and living areas. If a major renovation isn’t in the budget, you can modernize with new appliances, repaint the walls and cabinets in neutral tones, and replace fixtures with contemporary alternatives. Mid-level changes include new countertops in a sleek quartz, or new cabinets with plenty of storage.Get smart: from smart thermostats that keep track of temperature preferences to energy efficient water heaters and HVAC systems, the biggest difference between the newer homes and older residences is often just technology. Start simple by installing new ceiling fans and LED light bulbs, or commit to going green with solar panels and new appliances throughout the home. No matter where you start, your budget will thank you, both now and if you choose to sell your home in the future.Update your curb appeal with a new porch or patio. A new porch, especially with an added roof feature, can dramatically transform an older home. Replacing or repainting worn out siding or adding natural wood elements and new stonework can further help your home blend-in with newer builds. Residential architecture currently favors contemporary and craftsman style exteriors, which means a new porch in either style can help create a cohesive and modern look for your home.Add an en-suite. En-suite bathrooms are basically standard for new home designs, but are rarely found in older homes. If possible, work with a designer and contractor to add a master bathroom to your home—both to increase your home’s property value, and to avoid sharing the hallway bathroom with guests and family. Keep the design elements simple to appeal to a wide audience, and use accents and décor to personalize the space.When you’re ready to modernize your home, Home Planning Hawaii is your one-stop destination for finding the best professionals in residential construction. Contact us today to start modernizing and renovating your home, and you’ll be enjoying a new-to-you space in no time!

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