Inside Out: Designing the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Bring the inside out: of the most important trends in residential construction involves the creation of outdoor living spaces that are just as functional, beautiful, and long-lasting as their interior counterparts. Gone are the days of small patios with limited utilization or a stand-alone barbeque stored behind the garage. Today’s new homes recreate all the convenience and comfort of indoor kitchens and living rooms outdoors in order to create new spaces perfect for entertaining and enjoying Hawaii’s beautiful tropical weather.

Ready to embrace this trend in your new space? Here’s how to work with your architect or contractor to create an indoor/outdoor home.AccessibilityHomes that successfully blend indoor and outdoor living spaces transition the two spaces seamlessly and efficiently. Instead of seeing the outdoor space as separate from the rest of the house, blur the line between the two spaces with glass doors that slide or lift directly on to the outdoor space. Additionally, outdoor spaces are often semi-enclosed- increasing the useable square footage and protecting furniture and appliances from the elements. For maximum accessibility, kitchens and dining rooms inside should be parallel to those outdoors, so that you can move back and forth between the two easily and quickly.KitchenConsider designing one big kitchen that just happens to extend outdoors. Specialty outdoor kitchen designers can work with your architect to properly place key appliances for maximum use, and help you design eating areas that work for the whole family. While investing in high-quality appliances designed to withstand outdoor weather is important, don’t forget to find the best building materials for your environment. Stone flooring instead of traditional wood increases durability, but make sure not to pick a stone that will grow slippery and dangerous when wet. Give yourself plenty of food-prep space and storage capacity and eating and entertaining outdoors will become an enjoyable routine.Living RoomTurn your backyard into an entertaining oasis with a few key steps. Outdoor living spaces benefit from a variety of seating options- from outdoor sofas and loveseats to chairs seated around an exterior fireplace. Remember to include plenty of outdoor lighting options so that you can enjoy your space long into the night, and consider installing space heaters if your location gets chilly during the evening.  Use landscaping as a border between mixed use spaces and the rest of your yard while simultaneously adding visual interest.Contact us today for help finding the right professional for your project!

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