Kitchen Trends for 2021

Kitchen design is going through a major and long-awaited overhaul, both as part of the normal trend cycle and in response to the current work-from-home lifestyle maintained by both individuals and families.

A move away from the all-white kitchen was inevitable, especially when the concept became over-saturated on home design shows and social media. But there’s more to the latest kitchen trends than swapping out paint and cabinet colors. 

So if a new kitchen is in your future home design plans, keep reading. Here’s how home design is changing the way we decorate and use one of the most important rooms in the house.

Photo: Maxime Desbiens, House & Home April, 2019

Kitchens that do more

Recent kitchen design trends favored spaces that looked more like a high-end gourmet restaurant over a residential home. White, minimalist, and high-end appliances were the norm, and designing or remodeling kitchens to conform to the designs seen on TV and social media became a standard part of building or buying a home. 

But the ubutious all-white kitchen is on it’s way out, especially since many homeowners are changing the way they utilize their spaces. Now it’s all about the multifunctional kitchen—a space that not only functions as a place to eat, but also as a place to work, entertain, study, and even just lounge.

More means more

The minimalist aesthetic of the last five years is being replaced with warmer paint and wood tones, as well as an eclectic mix of decorating styles. 

From displaying artwork and kitchen wares to adding texture through textiles and natural building materials, modern kitchens are a fresh mix of both old and new.  This allows the space to truly function as the central part of the home while blending in seamlessly with living spaces and other common areas. 

Return of the pantry

Walk-in pantries are back in a big way, and so are second kitchens. Both were once considered a waste of space or “old-fashioned,” especially since they don’t always work with an open concept floor plan. 

But homeowners are now interested in a kitchen that functions as well as it looks, and that means plenty of storage for food, appliances, and entertaining necessities. Walk-in pantries and second  “butler's kitchens” provide plenty of storage and food prep space without cluttering the main kitchen and living areas. 

And for smaller spaces, homeowners are foregoing traditional spaces like dining rooms and dens to make room for pantries and prep areas that see a lot more use. 

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