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With all the exciting technology, building materials, and design resources now available to anyone considering a new house, it really is an exciting time to be creating a dream home. But with new “must have” trends developing almost daily, it can be difficult to determine which upcoming styles will help you design an innovative yet timeless home you’ll love living in for years to come.Skilled architects, interior designers, and builders can help you make the important decisions, but it’s great to start these conversations with a basic understanding regarding the latest updates in residential construction. Need a crash-course in the latest home design trends? Here’s three things you should keep an eye on if you plan to build or renovate your home in 2018.

Smaller Homes, Bigger SpacesWell-designed smaller homes continue to replace the sprawling McMansions that dominated the early 2000’s. But smaller doesn’t architects are sacrificing design. Instead, newer homes are smaller but more functional— with extra emphasis on creating larger common spaces for gathering and entertaining, and eliminating rarely-used spaces (think formal living and dining rooms.) Hallways and doorways are wider too, allowing better access for older residents who want to “age in place” as well as multigenerational families.Modern but PracticalClean lines, oversized windows, and open concept floor plans are all standard features of a modern home, but the latest designs combine both a contemporary aesthetic with convenience and practicality. Tall windows allow for natural light, and sliding glass partitions between rooms create air-flow patterns that further reduce heating and cooling costs. Open floorplans allow for rooms to be multifunctional–a space can easily convert from an at-home office to an entertainment center or exercise space. While you’ll see plenty of non-traditional elements in new homes, the designs consistently value a realistic approach while still retaining a sense of style.Smart and GreenGreen technology is quickly transitioning from an innovation to standard practice for many builders, but the latest trends tend to focus on green design that remains energy efficient no matter how much technology changes and adapts. From eco-friendly building materials like reclaimed wood to insulation made from recycled materials, homes are now more environmentally friendly than ever before. When combined with smart-home technology systems that regulate light and water use, as well as heating and cooling, tomorrow’s homes are safe and more cost-efficient than ever beforeReady to find the best designers, builders, and architects to help you navigate the latest home construction trends? We’re experts at helping match your project with the right professional. Contact us today and check out our free online estimator to start planning your new home.

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