Let the Light In

Looking for that key design element to help your new home feel both unique and welcoming? Finding ways to increase natural light throughout your space offers multiple aesthetic and environmental benefits—from reducing electrical costs to improving sleep patterns, there’s no downside to building a home filled with Hawaii’s beautiful natural light.

Here’s three ways to draw light into your home and create a bright yet calming oasis.

  • Be innovative with windows and glass. Simply enlarging window size is one way to maximize the natural light in your home, but you should also consider adding windows in different shapes and in unconventional spaces. A series of smaller windows along the ceiling line of a bathroom, office, or small bedroom can increase light while still retaining privacy. Opting for higher ceilings also allows for more potential window space, giving you plenty of room for added windows.
  • Remove barriers to light throughout the home by replacing traditional doors with glass partitions or French doors—especially between common living spaces, in entry ways, and at exits. This is an especially good idea if you’re hoping to incorporate indoor/outdoor living spaces that automatically bring more light into the home.
  • Orient your home for the best light: North-facing homes enjoy more consistent, even-toned light throughout the day, so orient your primary living spaces and bedrooms in a way that takes advantage of the northern light without overheating your home. Incorporating skylights into your plans can also introduce northern light in rooms with fewer windows, while also improving the overall value of your home.

Remember, natural light reduces electrical costs, helps people develop and maintain healthy circadian sleep cycles, and has been shown to improve mood and productivity. If you are designing a new home, there’s no reason to shy away from floor-plans that fully utilize the benefits of increased light exposure.Need help finding an expert to help design and build your new sunny space? Contact us today for a free estimate and for help finding the professionals perfect for building your home.

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