Make Your Home Feel Like a Luxury Resort

Living in Hawaii means enjoying paradise right in your backyard, but with rising home and construction prices, is it possible to fully enjoy all the benefits of island living? We think so. Every day might not feel like a vacation, but with a little planning and the right professionals, you can transform your home into a resort-worthy oasis.

The Indoor/Outdoor Space

With a wealth of natural outdoor beauty at your disposal, prioritizing your indoor/outdoor living space is often the first step in making your home feel like a luxury resort. Beyond the typical deck or patio, true outdoor living  spaces make it possible to enjoy a variety of activities all year long, including cooking, entertaining, and relaxation.

From fully functional outdoor kitchens to hybrid indoor/outdoor living spaces, it’s important to work with your architect or contractor to design an outdoor space that’s both beautiful and functional. Of course, Hawaii’s long history of including a Lanai in their home designs is a great place to draw inspiration. A true Lanai offers protection from the sun, humidity, and rainy weather, which allows you to enjoy the space every day of the year.  

A Beautiful Bathroom

A luxurious bathroom is essential for anyone who wants to truly relax and enjoy their Hawaiian home. And in order to truly mimic a luxury resort or hotel,  this part of your home should be especially welcoming and relaxing.

Keep clutter at bay with plenty of built-in storage, And prioritize your budget to include high-end design features like an extra-deep soaker tub or sauna-style shower. Remodeling an existing home with limited space for a spa-style bathroom? Consider repurposing an existing walk-in closet or guest bedroom to make room for an en-suite reminiscent of your favorite vacation spot.

Metal Means Luxury

Design details are what make a luxury resort stand-out from the typical hotel, which means you can apply the similar concepts when designing your own home. Current residential design trends indicate that metal detailing and trim continue to dominate the modern luxury aesthetic, from stair railings and shelving to floor-to-ceiling accent walls.

Metal exterior accents also evoke the feel of a high-end luxury destination, so consider working with a blend of natural and man-made materials to highlight the various design features of your home.

Good Design is Key

Deliberate and thoughtful design is key to creating  a luxurious home, especially when working with a budget. A truly  luxurious space will combine high-end materials, excellent space management, and intuitive design, which means you’ll benefit from the expertise of a designer, architect, or experienced contractor.

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