Making a Master Bedroom Santuary

It’s easy to overlook the master bedroom when designing a new home, especially when communal living spaces (think kitchens and living rooms,) require lots of space and detail-oriented planning. But given how much time is spent in a master bedroom, it’s important to work with your architect or designer to create a sanctuary worth escaping to at the end of each day.Whether you’re working with personalized designs or building in a planned residential community, following a few simple tips can take master suite from standard build to relaxing sanctuary without compromising your budget. Here’s to creating a beautiful and unique escape within your home…

Give yourself some space: Whenever possible, orient the master bedroom away from central living spaces and other bedrooms. Whether this gives you some needed distance you’re your (otherwise well-loved) kiddos or just away from a busy kitchen or home office, physically distancing the master bedroom from the rest of the home creates the illusion of a private retreat where you can truly relax and unwind. An otherwise unused loft space is perfect for a master suite that exists on its very own level, and using necessary but less-utilized rooms (like a laundry room or home gym) can insulate your bedroom from noise while simultaneously providing privacy.Create versatility with smart lighting: Ask your contractor to enlarge the windows in your master bedroom to increase the available natural light and add visual interest to your room. Of course, while natural light might be welcomed in the morning or early evening, don’t forget to invest in light and heat absorbing window treatments to keep your space sleep-friendly. Beyond windows, a variety of light sources—including those that can be adjusted for brightness—can help keep your space feeling warm and welcoming or cool and calming depending on your mood.Make it yours: Personalizing your master suite helps make your bedroom a place you’ll want to spend time in, making it worth the initial investment. Whether it’s adding a little extra space to the en-suite bathroom to accommodate the spa-worthy tub and shower you’ll use every day after a long run, or building a comfortable reading nook to enjoy each evening, find a way to bring a little bit of your own unique personality to your master bedroom.Creating a sanctuary-style master bedroom takes time and careful consideration, but you don’t have to do it alone. Contact us today for help finding an architect to design your dream space, and for assistance finding a contractor or builder capable of making that dream a reality.  

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