Modern Design Elements Perfect for Hawaiian Homes

Not all housing and design trends work for Hawaiian homes. Unlike the residential construction on the mainland, our unique circumstances— including limited space, higher construction costs, and concern for environmental impact— all make building a home in Hawaii a truly distinct experience.But there are a few current design elements that give homeowners the best of both worlds: the latest in contemporary design and a Hawaiian dream home that’s both functional and beautiful.Ready to learn more? Here’s a few of our favorite modern/contemporary design elements perfect for Hawaiian living…Modern Minimalist design: Seen as a natural response to years of “over the top” home trends that now feel stuffy and outdated, minimalism is making a comeback. And architects are embracing a “less is more” approach, focusing on making the most of each room and building homes that prioritize simplicity and function.

Why it works for Hawaiian homes: Most homeowners are working with limited square footage, so a minimalist design that relies on multipurpose and “flex” space is the perfect way to build a smaller space with intention.Innovative windows and doors: Modern design is all about larger than life windows and doors, but that means devising smart solutions for privacy and climate control. From ceiling screens to retractable door and window panels, non-traditional window and door designs allow for lots of natural light without sacrificing style or security.

Why it works for Hawaiian homes: Older homes on the islands cost a small fortune to cool during the summer, especially if they don’t have an open layout and plenty of ventilation. Large-scale windows and doors can create a natural breezeway, while built-in screens and panels can provide much-needed shade during the warmest parts of the day.Sustainable landscaping: Don’t forget the curb appeal. Minimalist and environmentally-friendly landscaping uses indigenous plants and building materials to create beautiful gardens and outdoor living spaces.

Why it works for Hawaiian homes: Smart landscaping design can help preserve water through efficient irrigation, rainwater storage, and native plant growth—which means your space can be beautiful without being high maintenance.Modern design trends breathe new life into residential architecture, and we’re here to help you find the architects, designers, and contractors that can incorporate the best contemporary designs into your Hawaiian home. Contact us today for more information, or get started on your budget with our free online estimator.

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