Past, Present, Future: Things to Consider Before Remodeling

Ready to remodel? 

Renovating a home can be an extensive project requiring plenty of careful planning. Here’s  a comprehensive approach to  remodeling your home that takes the past, present, and future into account.

Remembering the Past

Before you begin knocking down walls or adding additional bedrooms, take time to consider your motivations for a remodel:

Why is there no longer enough space for everyone in the kitchen? 

Do you really need an extra bathroom on the main floor?

What spaces used to work in your home, but don’t anymore?

These questions are more than just a nostalgic walk down memory lane, they’re your roadmap to planning a successful renovation. If your house used to work well enough for your needs, what changed? 

Maybe your lifestyle or family changed since you first moved in. What was once the perfect home for a busy single professional now feels too small for an active family with young children. The lofted guest bedroom was perfect for weekend visitors, but won’t work for aging parents coming to live permanently. Or, like many people, the 2020 pandemic made you realize that a functional home office is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Once you determine what changed in your lifestyle or family situation, you’ll be better able to figure out what needs to change about your home. From making a space more accommodating for multigenerational living to customizing a space for working from home, revisiting the past is a great way to plan for your home’s future. 

Protecting the Present

A successful remodel should solve design problems in your home without creating additional stressors. That may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many remodels unintentionally create new problems while attempting to solve others. 

As you work with your designer and contractor, make sure to identify the areas of your home that currently work well for you and your lifestyle. Spend a few days really noticing the flow of your home, identifying where people regularly gather, any unused spaces, and spots that seem overcrowded or perpetually messy.

If you notice that everyone seems to gather on the back patio every evening, it might be unwise to sacrifice that space in order to build a larger closet off the main suite, even if that’s what your designer initially proposes.

On the other hand, your formal dining area may look perfect in photos, but in reality, it’s mostly just a dumping ground for backpacks, work projects, or recreational equipment. In that case, transforming the space into a home office or gym might be the perfect, if not photo-worthy, solution. 

Planning for the Future

Once you’ve considered the past and present versions of your home, you’re finally ready to start preparing for the future, and designing a remodel that will help your home feel both timeless and functional.

Just like you remembered how your lifestyle or family changed since you first moved in, now it’s time to anticipate the future changes that may impact the design of your home: 

If your kids will be moved out and on their own in the next few years, how will that influence your renovation? 

How does an empty nest function differently than a home designed around the needs of a growing family?

Will this be where you spend the majority of your time, or do you plan on travel and exploration after retirement?

Are parents or grandparents planning on living here in the future? Is this home accessible for their needs?

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