Planning a Major Remodel? Here’s Where to Start

There’s plenty of reasons to go through all the work of remodeling a home. Maybe you want to increase the value of your property, or simply don’t want to leave a neighborhood you love. 

Making your home environmentally sustainable is another major motivator, as is increasing the square footage to accommodate a growing family. 

Whatever your motivation, a major remodel is, well, major. And while it’s impossible to guarantee a completely stress-free experience, a little preparation goes a long way in preserving both your budget and your sanity. 

Know Your Budget

Whether you’re updating a wall color or adding an entire wing, a detailed budget is the fist step for any remodeling project. For larger projects, this usually starts with getting an estimate from a reputable contractor. 

Looking for an experienced local contractor? Let us help. A good contractor should be able to give you a detailed estimate for your project, not just a general number. 

More importantly, they’ll also help you establish a contingency fund for unexpected costs. Almost every project encounters an issue outside the original scope of work, but an experienced contractor can help you plan for the unexpected. They’ll be aware of any delays regarding materials, or the odds of you needing to spend extra money reinforcing a foundation. But since many of these issues don’t arise until the project is well underway, a well-planned contingency fund is essential. 

And remember, it’s not just the cost of the project itself that determines your overall budget. You’ll also need to plan for indirect costs, such as eating out, extended stay hotels, or even renting a temporary home. 

Research and Reach Out 

Don’t start a major remodel project blind. Reach out to friends, family, and colleagues with renovation experience and ask questions about what to expect during the process. A few questions to consider:

  • What did they wish they’d known before starting their project? 
  • What setbacks could have been avoided beforehand? 
  • What upgrades are actually worth the money. 

While your contractor is a great resource for any questions or suggestions, hearing first-hand from other homeowners can help you know what to expect from a different perspective, including helping you determine the difference between a standard frustration and a major concern. 

Need help building your outreach community? Contact us directly with any questions about your upcoming remodel. 

Declutter Your Home

This may seem simple, but it’s an incredibly effective tip for reducing the stress of a major remodel. Every home becomes cluttered over time, and a  renovation is only going to add additional chaos. 

So before you knock down a wall to add more square footage, make sure you declutter the space you already have. Pack away and store any non-essential items, especially fragile or valuable items that could be damaged during construction.

Try to keep clutter to a minimum during the project as well, you don’t want your project delayed because the contractor slipped on your child’s fire truck or tripped over your gym equipment. 

Start the Permit Process ASAP

Hawaii’s permitting process is notoriously time-consuming, and a major source of frustration for homeowners and industry professionals alike. And the ever-changing rules and regulations don’t make the process any easier.  Get started as soon as possible by checking out the latest permitting information from the Department of Planning and Permitting, and we’ll cover more permitting specifics in our next post. 

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