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Lucky enough to live in one of Hawaii’s older residences? Congratulations! You’ve captured part of history—and a home filled with plenty of charm and character. But like all priceless antiques, your heirloom Hawaiian residence needs plenty of care, especially after decades of summer sun and tropical storms.

Fortunately, there are many ways to help keep your older home looking and feeling new— from large-scale renovations to equally important, (but less ambitious cosmetic changes.) Wherever you are in your historic (or even just a little worn around the edges,) home reclamation process, we’ve got the best remodeling and renovation projects for your budget.Starting Small: No need for a major facelift? Minor updates to an otherwise well-maintained home can increase overall value and make you feel like you managed a major remodel with minor stress to your budget. Start by adding cohesiveness to your home by updating lighting and water fixtures and adding uniform design touches throughout the house‑ think coordinating baseboards and crown molding in each room.Mid-level renovations: If you’re livening in a home that is well-built, but perhaps a little out of style, these projects are for you. Refinish or replace old floors, especially carpeted floors that may have deteriorated in Hawaii’s humid climate. Make sure to maintain the same flooring material in the same stain or color scheme to help your classic home feel a little more modern.On your home’s exterior, repaint using a high-grade paint guaranteed to survive at least ten years’ worth of heavy storms, sun exposure, and moisture. In addition to giving your house an instant facelift, keeping your home freshly painted helps prevent cracks, water damage, and even termite attacks.Modernize long-term: Some older homes retain their surface charm while hiding dangerous structural issues that need immediate attention. Before starting any cosmetic projects or new additions, repair and raise a cracked or sunken foundation, replace a damaged roof with weather-resistant roofing, (complete with adequate draining,) and update any faulty electrical or plumbing systems.Whether you’re starting small or planning a complete overhaul of your Hawaiian dream house, we can help. We provide homeowners with all the resources they need for remodeling or building a new home. Contact us today for project estimates and information on getting started!

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