Renovating a Home? Keep the Charm

You’ve found what could be your dream home, it just needs a second bathroom. Or maybe it’s almost perfect, if only there were a little more room in the kitchen. Of course, if it’s an older house, you most likely fell in love with the charm and little details, just not the tiny closets.

It might be time to renovate your space, but that doesn’t mean giving up on the unique elements often found in an older home. Here’s a guide for updating your space while keeping the character…

Keep what you Love

There’s a reason you bought this house. Whether it’s the big windows with the fantastic view, the original hardwood flooring, or the large patio off the back door, take the time to reacquaint yourself with your home before starting a renovation. Once you’ve identified the distinguishing characteristics you love, use them as a basis for your future design plans. That might mean adding more windows to a potential addition or salvaging the flooring to use in another room of the house. Whatever you decide, make sure your remodel includes the things you loved when you first moved in. 

Coordinate the Additions

Your kitchen or bathroom might be brand-new, but it shouldn’t look out of place. If you’re adding more square footage to your home, make sure the new design coordinates with the style of the original structure. While your design doesn’t need to be 100% accurate to the time period the home was built in, it can be difficult to make an ultra-modern design work with a 1920’s era bungalow. Maintain consistency throughout the home by matching trim, moldings, and flooring in every space, and consider maintaining a similar color palette to make the transition between old and new as seamless as possible. 

Reuse Materials

A home renovation might rearrange your living space, but you can still maintain some of the original charm and character by reusing and repurposing the original building materials and fixtures. If they are in good shape, doors, molding, and trim can be salvaged and carefully repurposed. Original wood flooring can often be refinished, and the process is usually less expensive than all new flooring. If an original item can’t be reused, or you need multiples of an original fixture, try sourcing duplicates from estate sales or antique markets. A good interior designer or even contractor can usually help you find the items that will help preserve the original character of your home. 

Blend old and New

The best renovations are the ones where it is nearly impossible to identify where the old ends and the new begins. Avoid the temptation to build an all-new addition without making improvements to the overall structure. Once your remodel is finished, consider painting the entire exterior in a new color or replacing all the original windows to match new ones. 

Lastly, make sure to decorate with both old and new elements in every space so that each room looks intentional—and as if it’s been there all along.

Ready to start remodeling? Before you go on the hunt for antique light fixtures, make sure you’ve got the right professionals for the job. We’ll help you build a team of architects and contractors with the expertise needed for a successful and stress-free renovation. Contact us today to begin!

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