How to: Survive a Home Renovation

There’s few things more satisfying than a successful home remodel, but it’s also an intense endeavor that can overwhelm even seasoned renovators. From trying to live in a construction zone to making sure your dream home doesn’t become a budgeting nightmare, it’s important to start the renovation process with a lot of patience and an open mind. Fortunately, we have a few tips to help you survive remodeling your home and maybe even have a little fun while doing it…

  • Make a Plan: Clear parameters are essential for any renovation project—maintaining established gorals helps protect your budget and your sanity. Work with your contractor and designer to determine the desired end-results, and do your best to stick to the plan, even if a late-night internet search reveals photos of the kitchen backsplash you never knew you wanted until just now.

Remember, if your bathroom remodel calls for adding an en suite off the master bedroom, avoid the temptation to stop the project midway and swap out a soaking tub for a custom rainshower. Or, if you’re finally ready to create the kitchen of your dreams, disregard any last-minute decisions to knock out an extra wall in order to add a last-minute butler’s pantry. Do your homework beforehand and start your renovation with a clear idea of your needs and wants, and you’ll be less tempted by costly alternatives.

  • Honor the Budget: Any home construction project—from a small bathroom redesign to building a new home— needs a detailed budget that maximizes financial resources as much as possible. Balance your budget with low-cost decisions that make a big impact (like repainting the walls or refinishing cabinets,) with high-cost items like additional square footage or adding a window or skylight. Making budgeting decisions based on personal priorities and individual needs will help you save money while still loving the end result.
  • Know When to Hire a Pro: With a little research and a lot of careful work, some home renovations truly are a DIY endeavor. However, when it comes to large-scale additions, changing the overall layout of your home, or adding complex features to an existing space, it’s best to work with designers and contractors to ensure the job is done right. You can read more on our tips for avoiding a bad contractor in a previous blog post, but the essentials are always the same: hire someone who will let you walk through examples of their completed projects, contact their references, and then work together to create a contract with clear expectations for both parties.

Home renovation and remodeling can be stressful and expensive without the right team. Let us help you start your budget, find the best professionals, and get a little bit closer to living in your dream home. We’re the best resource for matching homeowners with leading experts in residential construction, so contact us today for more information on finding the perfect designer, architect, or contractor.

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