The Two Best Ways to Upgrade your Home this Spring

Hawaii may enjoy (mostly) temperate weather all year long, but it doesn’t mean your home wouldn’t benefit from some “spring cleaning” style projects with a little more impact than simply cleaning out a closet or re-organizing the pantry. 

Ranging from DIY to “time to find a contractor” here’s the two best home improvement projects to consider this spring. 

Upgrade your Outdoor Living Spaces

Spend the upcoming summer enjoying the best your outdoor living space has to offer. While re-staining a wood deck, repairing the railings on the porch, or replacing broken stones or pavers is a great way to start, why not consider creating the ultimate Hawaiian indoor/outdoor living space with a Lanai patio?

A Lani is a partially enclosed indoor/outdoor living space directly connected to your home, usually in a location that extends a communal space out into the yard. 

Lanais are most commonly found off the kitchen and living room, and because they are partially enclosed, they allow you to enjoy all the benefits of outdoor living, regardless of the weather. 

Whether you create a fully functional Lani complete with a full set of furniture and outdoor kitchen, or simply enclose your existing patio with screen systems or glass panels and doors, a Lani is a great upgrade for enjoying your home and increasing its overall value.

Consider an ADU or Ohana Unit

Ready for more space? Oahu homeowners have a variety of options outside the traditional addition or renovation, including an ADU or Ohana Dwelling Unit. 

If you want a potential residential rental space that’s entirely separate from your current home, an ADU, or Accessory Dwelling Unit, might be the perfect solution. An ADU is a completely self-contained dwelling space with its own kitchen and bath, and is usually entirely detached from the original residence. 

An Ohana Dwelling Unit is perfect for multigenerational or larger families. This dwelling must be attached to the original residence, and can only be occupied by a family member. It cannot have its own kitchen, but can include a wet bar. 

While there are a series of requirements and permits required to build an ADU or Ohana Dwelling, it is a valuable asset to homeowners, and allows many residents to either earn additional income through the rental property or age in place by living with family members.   

Next Steps to a Better Home

Whether it’s navigating the complex permitting process or determining whether or not you need an architect or a drafter, Home Planning Hawaii is here to help. 

We assist homeowners in finding the best professionals for the job— including architects, contractors, designers, and drafters. Contact us today to get started, and be sure to check out our free online estimator to start planning the budget for your next project. 

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