The Unseen Magic of a Good Interior Designer

While it’s easy to understand the importance of a great architect and a reliable contractor, many homeowners underestimate the role of a high-quality interior designer in creating a home that’s both beautiful and functional.

But if you want a home that feels timeless, fits the needs of your lifestyle, and also happens to look incredible, an interior designer is an essential part of the home remodel or construction process. Here’s some of the oft-ignored benefits or working with a skilled professional when designing your home…An interior designer is specially trained, and different than an interior decorator. Interior decorators are fantastic—they are great when it comes to finding and arranging beautiful pieces for your home.However, an interior designer creates functional and well-designed spaces alongside architects and contractors. An interior designer will work with you and know that your lifestyle requires larger common spaces and more natural light, while another client may need a quiet master-bedroom that acts as a retreat from the outside world. And yes, they’re great with color and furniture as well.Even if your architect is creating completely customized plans for your home, they may still rely on certain design conventions that don’t fully work for your vision of an ideal living space. An interior designer can help truly personalize your home design—anything from orienting rooms and windows for maximum use of natural light, to using storage space wisely and efficiently.And while an interior designer may increase your overall budget, a well-designed home automatically earns higher resale value, since potential buyers will spend less time imagining future remodeling projects and more time envisioning themselves in a space that’s already designed for high-quality living.Fortunately, when it comes to sourcing hard-to-find materials or unique pieces for your home, designers often have access to products not available to the public, and at wholesale pricing. Which means you’ll get a personalized and unique home for a fraction of the cost.Lastly, interior designers can help you navigate the thousands of design and construction options available when building or remodeling your home. From making sure all your tile choices coordinate from kitchen to laundry, to helping you determine the number and size of closets and bathrooms per bedroom, interior designers can help you avoid decision overwhelm and assist you in making coherent and timeless decisions for your home.For help meeting the best interior designer for your needs, contact us today! We’ll kickstart the process of finding the perfect design team for your new space, from architect to interior designers to contractors.

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