Three Tips for Building a New Home in Hawaii

With Hawaii’s housing market continuing to see rising costs and limited availability, homeowners and builders are getting creative when it comes to new construction. And with Oahu Mayor Kirk Caldwell encouraging both residents and builders to explore affordable housing options like Accessory Dwelling Units and multigenerational housing, issues like sustainability and longevity are more important than ever.Hoping to build a new home on the islands this year? Here’s three simple tips to consider when designing your new space, each one guaranteed to help make your dream home affordable, beautiful, and carefully personalized to fit your unique needs.

  1. Focus on Flexibility: With square footage sold at a premium cost, good home design will focus on providing a space with the potential to evolve over time. From loft bedrooms that can convert from a playroom to a mother-in-law suite, to indoor/outdoor dining spaces that expand kitchen size, building a new home means building for both the present and the future. Look for designs that easily allow for growth— from creating open concept layouts in common areas, to utilizing land in a way that makes future additions feasible.
  1. Support Sustainability: Not only is “green” construction good for the environment, it’s good for your budget, and helps support local economies. Construction firms are partnering with small businesses for ethically produced materials like reclaimed wood, stone, and recycled metals, all of which gives your home a one-of-a-kind look without the high cost of importing materials from the mainland. And when it comes to new materials, new homes are increasingly solar powered, energy-efficient, and water-conscious. From tankless water heaters to geothermal heat pumps, the homes of 2019 will save both natural resources and homeowner money.
  1. Invest in Income: Oahu’s City Council and the Department of Planning and Permitting recently expedited the permitting process for ADUs, or Accessory Dwelling Units while simultaneously offering tax-relief plans for new ADU construction. This means your new home could possibly generate a secondary income via a long-term tenant, or could help reduce the cost of living for multigenerational households. Even if an ADU is not in your immediate housing plans, work with your architect and contractor to ensure that a secondary residence is possible in the future.

When it comes to building your future dream home, you need the best in the business. From innovative architects to reliable builders and contractors, we can help you find your 2019 dream team and get you one step closer to creating a space that’s perfect for you. Contact us today, and check out our free online estimator to get a head-start on budgeting.

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